Help & FAQ

Our site uses adaptive bit-rate streaming to deliver the highest quality media that your internet connection and device can handle. Optimally, if your connection and device can handle it, you'll see a high-definition picture up to 1080p with stereo audio. While you're streaming, we'll monitor your bandwidth to make certain you're getting the best stream possible - if your connection and/or device require, we'll adapt the bit rate and send an appropriate stream to optimize your viewing experience.

Files are NOT available for download. The films selected to the Fan Boy Film Festival are only available to be streamed.

Titles can be watched on the web, on your tablet, or smartphone. For many titles, you can also download a video file that can be played on many devices. Video download files that we provide are a standard H.264 video.

We understand some other festivals prevent public online screenings, to help with this dilemma we have required viewers and voters to     register a free account and be logged in. This removes the films from the "public" domain and keeps it private to registered users only.

If you can see your film on the main page of our site in the correct section (Short/Smart/Feature) then you have successfully entered the Fan Boy Film Festival.

Full films are not shown on the website until July 15th.  Until July 15th only trailers will be shown. If you have not uploaded a trailer a still image will be in its place.

There is no cost for filmmakers to submit and showcase their work upon being selected for the Fan Boy Film Festival.

Once you have completed all of the required fields, uploaded your film you can check the main category galleries to check and see if your film has been submitted correctly.  if your film is showing in the gallery it has been submitted. If there are any issues you will be contacted prior to the beginning of the festival. 

Viewing and voting is 100% free for film viewers. All anyone has to do is register for a FREE account on the Fan Boy Film Festival site. 

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